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Dec 1, 2020 | Blog

I started as the lead of Power Tech, or electrical engineering operations, at Rejlers Industry in the beginning of 2020. While I was aware of the skills of the electrical engineering professionals at Rejlers, I’m still constantly impressed by the level of skill we can offer to our customers.

Our more than a hundred experts in industrial electrification solutions and our extensive know-how place us among the top players in our field at the national level at the very least. If we also consider the special expertise we have in electrification projects in the Energy and Construction sectors, I can confidently say that we can offer turnkey solutions in electrification from production to your wall outlet. 

Everyone in the team is a key player

As a football enthusiast and supporter of Manchester United and the Finnish national team, I have often tried to analyse the logic behind the line-up selections Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Rive Kanerva make for each game – sometimes I can see it, at other times I do not. What I do understand is that the line-up needs to be adapted to the competitor’s style of play, while also considering if the team must win the game or if a 0–0 draw is an acceptable outcome. The roster available in the team is the framework for possible line-ups.

When selecting a team of engineers for an electrification project, you often face a much bigger challenge than simply selecting 11 players for the opening line-up. The process from production to the wall outlet covers a number of speciality areas, all of which require their own experts. Our roster of over a hundred experts in electrification makes it possible to select a winning team for each of our customers’ needs. We offer our customers high-quality service now, the next time and in the future.


Future key players

As the head coach of a national football team will rely on the young talents in their team, so should we: the young engineers who are just beginning their careers already have their basic skills but may not yet have found their number one speciality area that they want to pursue in their careers. More experienced experts play a key role in helping them shape their career path and ensuring that we have a roster that helps us build winning teams in the future as well.

I am extremely proud of our current roster – both its experienced experts and young new talents. It’s a winning team!

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More information:
Jari Kaarrela, Business Line Director |Power
+358 40 801 1371, etunimi.sukunimi@rejlers.fi

Jari Kaarrela

Jari Kaarrela

Business Line Director


+358 40 801 1371