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Strong expertise and experience from research and development to production maintenance in a wide range of industries


Here at Rejlers we are always happy to find solutions to our customers’ technological challenges. Our long-term experience has helped us to fine-tune our engineering services to perfectly meet our customers’ needs.


In addition to a service portfolio that serves a range of different needs, we have invested in continuous improvement of quality and the safety, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness of our technological solutions.


We are proud to be able to assign highly motivated engineering experts to our customers’ projects. An enthusiastic approach to our work is one of our key strengths, and we are sure our customers also see it in the way we work.


We are a safe choice as a supplier when you want to level off peak loads, need more advanced product research and development expertise or are looking for an experienced partner for an extensive delivery project.

PROCESS | Process engineering

Our PROCESS service portfolio covers everything in process engineering: dimensioning, balance calculations, piping and instrumentation diagrams with lists, and process descriptions and training. If necessary, we can use the Aspen Plus simulation software for modelling and solving process issues. We also conduct construction supervision and deployment tasks on construction sites.

MECHANICAL | Mechanical engineering

Our MECHANICAL service portfolio includes mechanical, tool, lifting gear, container, sheet metal, casting and hydraulic planning. Additionally, we offer structural stress calculations, pressure equipment calculation and construction supervision deployment tasks.

PLANT | Factory and plant engineering

Our PLANT service portfolio covers layout, piping, construction task, steel structure, foot bridge and container planning as well as stress analyses for pipelines. We also conduct construction supervision and deployment tasks on construction sites.


ELECTRICAL | Electrical engineering

Our specialty areas within our ELECTRICAL service portfolio include the planning of trace heating systems, network calculation, planning redundant power distribution systems and electrical planning for ATEX areas. We have also strong, verified experience in assignments related to operational safety and machine safety.

CIVIL | Structural engineering

Our CIVIL service portfolio covers the dimensioning and structural plans needed in structural engineering. Our architectural engineering services cover project, draft and implementation planning. Additionally, we work on HVAC planning and construction site supervision.

CONTROL | Automation and instrumentation engineering

Our CONTROL service portfolio covers everything from preliminary assessments to deployment and final documentation. We know how to create ideas and make them come true using optimal technologies to solve our common challenges.

Industry Engineering Services


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Samuli Kyttälä

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