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Jul 1, 2020 | Blog

“Procurements are so much easier to handle an manage if you take care of it all yourself.” This is something you hear every now and then when you discuss tendering or outsourcing procurement activities with customers. Companies may be perfectly satisfied with the level of quality and cost of their acquisitions, and may therefore not feel the need to change their processes. They sometimes consider the price-to-quality ratio to be excellent, even if they do not even know the actual cost of each acquisition.

Is it easier to do everything yourself?

Companies often invest in technical design, and the designer may also be responsible for acquisitions and purchasing. This may be a viable option, but close collaboration between business operations, procurement, engineering and production right from the start of a project is the key to success. A professional purchaser strives to steer clear of the pitfalls and participates in the planning from the early stages of the project. Unfortunately, corporate cultures or modes of operation do not always support a model in which procurement is included in the project early on. The impact of purchases on the development and results of business operations has grown more and more important over the course of time. Another clear trend is the growing number of external experts participating in procurement.

Expert partner to ensure successful procurement

The procurement experts at Rejlers can handle the equipment and contract procurement tasks of investment and maintenance projects from procurement planning to contract management and final documentation. We can also handle individual tendering processes and separate procurement assignments according to our customers’ needs. Additionally, we offer expert services to support our customers’ own procurement projects against an hourly charge. Rejlers can handle procurement schedules, invitations to and comparison of tenders, audits and tendering processes for our customers. We negotiate the best terms of contract with suppliers to find optimal solutions. After supplier selection, we will draft and manage contracts. We can also handle the control and monitoring of deliveries and possible complaints and compensation claims. Our goal is to ensure that purchases are successful from the customer’s, end users’, contractors’ and company’s perspective. We also aim to engage all relevant parties in the customer’s procurement process.

Multi-talents in procurement

While companies can fine-tune their procurement processes and category management down to the last detail, it does not necessarily guarantee success. Even high-end tools and processes require the support of multi-talents to bring results. Using traditional KPIs, procurement professionals are there to optimise total costs, but new trends show that excellent communication skills are particularly valued when hiring professional purchasers. The Rejlers procurement team employs 18 people. Our strengths include the wide and versatile networks we have built as a result of different customer relationships and experience, and excellent communication skills.

The team spirit in our procurement team is excellent, and the experts in different roles encourage each other. Best practices are always shared among the team, where everyone constantly learns from other team members. In addition to Finnish, Swedish and English, there are also speakers of German and Russian in our procurement team.

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Riikka Honkanen

Riikka Honkanen

Project Procurement Manager

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