Prosess engineering


Process engineering

Our process engineering workforce in Finland comprises almost 30 experts in the sector. Our expertise and experience cover almost all industrial process areas. We are particularly strong in processes involving renewable energies, the petrochemical and distilling industries, and power plants.

Planning changes to an existing process and finding out and documenting the functionality of an existing process are examples of our areas of expertise. We also excel at planning the implementation of brand new process complexes from detailed schematic presentations to process descriptions and dimensioning of equipment.

To help us in our design tasks, we use Vertex PI, AutoCad or MicroStation design environments and engineering systems that utilise databases. For demanding simulations, we use the Aspen Plus simulation environment.

Safety of people and the environment as well as sustainable development are the cornerstones of all of our engineering and planning activities.

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Jyri Kuiri

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Documentation sometimes lags behind the changes, and a plant may have undergone a number of modifications without any written evidence to show. Accurate flow and process charts are the cornerstones of safe operations and maintenance.

We familiarise ourselves with the plant on location and update the related documentation according to the plant’s actual status. At the same time, we can add any positions that are missing, draft equipment lists for the plant and, if necessary, label the positions on the equipment, valves and pipelines to improve the safety of employees working in the field.

We also investigate the process and document it for the procurement and programming of a new control system, for instance.


After general planning, process engineering dimensions the lines and equipment and produces the dimensioning data needed for procuring the equipment. Process engineering also produces the process descriptions needed as a basis for automation engineering.


Deployment of new or modified production lines and operator training are essential components of a project. Who better to assist in deployment and to train the equipment operators than the process designer who has been involved in the project right from the start! We also offer general operator training on different processes for operators and maintenance staff, for example.


As part of general planning, process engineering contributes to the risk assessment in a new or existing plant during the project. Depending on the project, process engineering may be responsible for the risk assessment as a whole.