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Industrial plant investment projects inspire our project management experts. What could be better than implementing a well-planned investment project with a clear scope in collaboration with our customer, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders?

Keeping an extensive project under control requires a clearly defined scope and its logical division, which is what engineers excel at. After the division, tasks can be defined and the project, regardless of its extent, can be processed in manageable portions.

It is important to keep the goal and the criteria for an acceptable delivery clear in mind from the start. Commissioning is often the ultimate goal of our projects. To achieve successful commissioning safely within the agreed schedule and budget, the project must be scheduled from finish to start. This way, the schedule has clear intermediate goals, and the project only has to be kicked off.

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In the EPCM delivery model, our experienced project team complete the customer’s investment project following the turn key principle. The customer can participate in all of the decisions on equipment and contract procurement within the EPCM model. This requires customer participation in the procurement decisions throughout the project, but it also makes it possible to influence the details to ensure the final result meets the expectations to the fullest.

As compensation for the customer’s input in the project, a plant investment can be up to 20% more affordable in comparison to a similar EPC delivery. Rejlers always tailors all of its EPCM deliveries to meet the customer’s needs. A flexible network of experts with an efficient core team ensure a cost effective solution.



In the EPC delivery model, the scope of the project and the desired end result are defined in a great detail. This delivery model requires the most comprehensive study phase, which typically is FEED (Front End Engineering and Design). In this model, the EPC supplier takes on the liability and procures the necessary sub-deliveries, equipment and contracts, and delivers an operational, commissioned project to the customer.

The need for the customer to participate in the project delivery is significantly lighter than in the EPCM model. The model also involves fewer risks to the customer, which is why it is often a good idea to procure clearly defined projects under the EPC model. Rejlers has delivered more than a hundred EPC deliveries, from automation systems to steel structures and production line equipment.



EPS on laitteen tai osakokonaisuuden toimitus asiakkaan projektiin. Laitetoimitukset voivat pitää sisällään eri toimittajien valmiiden laitteiden kilpailutuksen, teknisen vertailun, hankinnan ja toimituksen. Usein toimitukset kohdistuvat koneisiin ja laitteisiin joita ei ole valmiina saatavilla, jolloin kone- ja laitesuunnittelun asiantuntijamme suunnittelevat asiakkaan tarpeita vastaavan laitteen. Sopimusvalmistajamme valmistaa laitteen ja toimitamme toimivan kokonaisuuden asiakkaallemme.



EPS refers to the delivery of a device or equipment or a sub-assembly for a more extensive customer project. Device and equipment deliveries may cover the tendering, technical comparison, procurement and delivery of existing equipment from different suppliers. Often the deliveries cover machines and equipment that are not available as such. In this case, our mechanical and device engineering experts design the equipment to meet the customer’s needs. Our contract manufacturer manufactures the equipment, and we deliver the operational equipment to our customer.

Rejlers’ PMC service offers a tailored solution to customers’ needs from comprehensive project management teams to individual technical assessments. Our highly experienced project management professionals monitor the schedule, costs and technical solutions to safeguard the customer’s interests.