Rejlers and Aurora Kilpilahti have signed a significant EPC contract concerning a new distribution substation.

Sep 28, 2020 | Tiedote

The Rejlers industry sector was awarded a significant contract that concerns the planning, procurement and construction (EPC) of a new distribution substation for Aurora Kilpilahti, which will serve the hydrocarbon unloading terminal. The new distribution substation is part of the Aurora Kilpilahti investment programme to further develop electricity distribution in the Kilpilahti industrial area, which is the largest oil refinery and petrochemistry cluster in the Nordics.

The Aurora Kilpilahti investment programme aims to increase the electricity distribution capacity and maintain its high level of reliability in the Kilpilahti industrial area. The new distribution substation is one of the biggest investments in Aurora Kilpilahti’s history. The contract covers earthwork, construction and all electrical equipment needed in electricity distribution – installed, tested and ready to be deployed.

“For years, Rejlers has been a reliable provider of demanding electrical engineering services for us. During the tendering process for this contract, Rejlers convinced us of their expertise not only in engineering but in other areas of the project, as well as of their professional mode of operation and commitment to the project. We know that we are in good hands,” says Heidi Hirsimäki, Sourcing Manager at Aurora Kilpilahti Oy. 

In addition to the new distribution substation, the EPC contract covers the cable connections between the new distribution substation and several linked distribution substations as well as the changes needed to integrate the new substation into the existing electrical power network. The project kick-off was in September 2020, and it will be completed in spring 2022.

“In the industry sector, we have decades of experience in delivering EPC and EPCM projects. Thanks to the recent addition to our talent pool, we are now a company that can complete even large-scale projects like this EPC delivery,” says Jussi Likitalo, Vice President, Projects, Industry, Rejlers Finland. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with a leading company in its industry, and we appreciate the trust that Aurora Kilpilahti has placed on us by awarding us this contract,” Jussi Likitalo comments.

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Jussi Likitalo

Jussi Likitalo

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