Rejlers has signed a significant engineering agreement on the process electrification and instrumentation of Metsä Fibre’s bioproduct mill in Kemi

Apr 28, 2021 | Blog

Metsä Fibre, part of Metsä Group, is building a new bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland. The investment is worth approximately 1.6 billion euros, which makes it the largest investment in the history of Finnish forest industry.  


The design of the new bioproduct mill is based on high efficiency in terms of the environment, energy and materials. The mill will be constructed using best available techniques (BAT). The bioproduct mill will not use any fossil fuels and its electricity self-sufficiency would is planned to be 250 per cent.

The involves the electrification and instrumentation engineering of the parts delivered by Metsä Fibre’s main implementation partner, Valmet, which encompasses the mill’s main processes and automation system. . Metsä Fibre made the investment decision on the new mill in February 2020 and the construction has started after this decision.

“Rejlers is a familiar partner to us, and we are convinced of its expertise and ability to deliver such a remarkable entity to us. Rejlers also showed a particularly intense and motivated attitude towards the realisation of our shared goals,” says Jari-Pekka Johansson, Director for the bioproduct mill project at Metsä Fibre.

“We have decades of experience in planning projects for the wood processing industry and implementing electrification, instrumentation and automation projects. Our long-term trusted co-operation with Valmet and Metsä Fibre, as well as our skilled staff, ensured that Rejlers was chosen,” says Business Line Director Harri Häyhä from Rejlers Finland. “We would like to thank the client and the implementation partners for their trust, and we are extremely happy to be a part of such a significant project,” Häyhä states.



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Harri Häyhä  +358 40 579 0335,, Business Line Director | CONTROL, Rejlers Finland


Harri Häyhä

Harri Häyhä

Business Line Director


+358 40 579 0335