Rejlers makes a virtual version of the electric field learning environment

Sep 8, 2021 | Uutinen

Rejlers has implemented a virtual learning environment for the Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK) for teaching purposes regarding TAKK’s unique Electric Field teaching area, which is as close to the real work environment as possible. “This is a great thing and available to everyone who is interested,” says TAKK’s trainer Jaana Harju happily.

The Electric Field comprises the voltage levels of the electricity distribution system from 0.4 kilovolts to 110 kilovolts, and there is also a 110/20 kilovolt substation. The Electric Field also includes street light and telecommunication systems, as well as renewable energy production in the form of solar power plants.

With the completion of the learning environment expansion, the virtual learning environment was what was needed, and now it is real. Fortunately, the funding was also successful. Now the photos, documents and videos are in one place, and no longer scattered around in many different folders, praises TAKK’s trainer Jaana Harju.


We are very pleased with the outcome and I believe that all of the students in this field are excited too. After all, this has not been the case in these proportions before.

As a support for teaching

The virtual electric field will be utilised, at least, in undergraduate degrees in the electrical and automation fields, vocational degrees in the energy sector and special vocational degrees. It can be used e.g. to identify components, observe work and electrical safety expertise, the learning of service, operation and maintenance, as well as more.

The possibilities are endless, Jaana Harju says.

Rejlers’ expert Niko Räsänen says that with the help of the learning environment, it is possible to see a device in the actual installation space from the classroom, and by opening additional information, you can access all the additional information about the device. A virtual path has also been created in the learning environment, which the student can go through and thus ensure that all the important matters in the Electric Field have been dealt with.

The teaching material is diverse and interesting and the digital material is easy to browse, Harju says.

Rejlers 360 service in the backround

The implementation of the Virtual Electric Field is based on Rejlers’ Accelerated Operations 360 service. 360 cameras, smartphones and drones have been utilised in the implementation.

Rejlers was responsible for the 360 and drone shootings of the virtual learning environment, the establishment of the cloud service and the service implementation training. TAKK was responsible for taking pictures of the Electric Field’s equipment and components and uploading the pictures and additional information about them, such as operating and maintenance instructions, to Rejlers’ cloud service, Räsänen says.

The attaching of pictures, videos and documents was easy. The updating is also smooth, Jaana Harju says.

The Virtual Electric Field can also be used freely by non-TAKK students. The open link can be found on TAKK’s website.

The benefits of the Electric Field learning environment no longer depend on who can travel to Tampere; you can now get acquainted with it from anywhere in Finland virtually, Harju proudly states.

Contact persons

TAKK Jaana Harju,, 044 7906 610

Rejlers Niko Räsänen,,  040 801 1811

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