Towards a more sustainable environment through the hydrogen economy – Rejlers involved in a hydrogen cluster driving the transition

Sep 17, 2021 | Uutinen

The objectives of sustainable development are one of the fundamental aspects of Rejlers’ design work. With the establishment of a national hydrogen cluster in the beginning of January, Rejlers saw the opportunity to promote the transition to carbon-neutral societies globally. Rejlers is now contributing to the development of the hydrogen economy among more than 30 major companies.

The aim of the company-driven hydrogen cluster is to promote the development of the hydrogen economy in Finland and to create new hydrogen economy businesses, generating export and new jobs.  Sustainability Product Manager Suvi Veräjänkorva from Rejlers sees the promotion of the hydrogen economy as an important factor in shaping a functioning society.

“Rejlers Finland joined the hydrogen cluster in June 2021. Before joining, we had already carried out various hydrogen economy-related preparatory studies and other projects at Rejlers. We feel that participation in the promotion of the development of the hydrogen economy is important on the one hand because it supports our own sustainability goals, on the other because we are thus able to help our customers in working towards their own goals,” says Suvi Veräjänkorva from Rejlers Industry.

A network of companies and industrial organisations, the hydrogen cluster promotes and facilitates information sharing among companies and cooperation towards carbon neutrality both in Finland and on a global scale.

“I believe that the hydrogen cluster facilitates new forms of cooperation and network development in Finland and abroad. In addition to Finland, Rejlers has offices in the UAE, Sweden and Norway, which means that we can offer design services and help with export projects locally, too.”

The keys to a functional society

Hydrogen produced using emission-free electricity is a key to a carbon-neutral society. Clean hydrogen and emission-free electricity will play a major part in the energy transition of the industry and transport sectors.

“As a processor of hydrogen and other dangerous liquids, we possess the know-how required for safe planning. We have a wide range of services from preliminary planning to implementation planning, procurement, project management, deployment, training and documentation,” Veräjänkorva says.

Available from a single source, Rejlers’ versatile competence allows for innovation and optimised overall solutions across the entire production chain.

“We have broad planning and project expertise in the industry, energy, infrastructure and construction sectors, including the production and transmission of renewable electricity, hydrogen development and refining, logistics and transport, as well as project services,” Veräjänkorva lists.

“Naturally, we are also ready to develop new solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.”

Hydrogen and emission-free electricity will replace fossil-based fuels in the industry and transport sectors. Industry emissions will be reduced by means such as replacing fossil-based fuels with clean sources of energy in the sector’s own electricity and heat production and by the electrification of processes.

“A functional society is based on reliable connections and safe energy supply chains. We are keen to be involved in speeding up the development of hydrogen economy and companies’ competitiveness by promoting investments and a favourable environment for the development of hydrogen economy through cooperation,” Veräjänkorva emphasises.




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